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Technology 4.0 and traceability are two trends that are of great interest to many people today. So what do these two concepts have to do with each other? What are the benefits of applying 4.0 technology and modern science to traceability? Let’s go with SmartLife to find the answer in the content below!

What is Industry 4.0 and Traceability?

Technology 4.0 is a high development in science and technology in the 4th industrial revolution. With 3 main areas: Biotechnology, digital, and Physics. Technology 4.0 not only helps businesses in production and processing processes but also brings practical benefits to people’s daily lives.

4.0 technology applications in traceability
4.0 technology applications in traceability

Technology 4.0 can appear and support any industry or field such as healthcare, finance, transportation, … and in the recent trend of the market is traceability.

Traceability is basically a solution to help retrieve the product information from the place of origins such as raw materials, production, … to transportation and distribution. Traceability is usually attached to goods in the form of an encrypted QR-Code and is capable of downloading information to the user quickly when scanning with a smartphone.

To contribute to the development of traceability, how has 4.0 technology been applied? Find out more in the next section!

Applying 4.0 technology in traceability

Applying 4.0 technology in traceability
Applying 4.0 technology in traceability

With the innovations, high and rapid improvements of technology, traceability has been much more complete than traditional stamps and labels:

Real-time updates

With traditional solutions, the recording of information through many parties may cause interference, affecting transparency and transmission to consumers. However, with the application of high technology and the continuous connection of the internet on the data system, the information is updated directly, in real-time.

For example, You can just harvest the product, immediately update the information on the data system. That information will be transmitted into a traceability stamp so that users when making a purchase know when they have harvested, with the right process and time as in production standards or not.

Updated data is hard to change

traceability stamp comprehensive product protection
traceability stamp comprehensive product protection

When updating information on the data system, the user can only change it for a certain period of time, then the editing function will be locked, avoiding changes for negative purposes and benefiting themselves.

In addition, in order to avoid being “hacked”, the information will also be secured and safe with many layers thanks to new technology and delivered to the buyer in the most accurate way.

Quick and smart access

With dense infrastructure and network system, just scan the access stamp code and users will immediately receive information quickly and in the most detail. Not only that, the smart system also helps to notify the product status such as Expiry date, expired date, possibly counterfeit, … with many types such as text, images, sounds. bar.

Link information with other solution utilities

link information with other solutions
link information with other solutions

Information can be completely used by other applications such as shipping, e-commerce, … from a single big data system. Currently, SmartLife is a leading company in applying traceability solutions into practice, in addition, we also own associated applications such as electronic diaries, e-commerce floors,… With the desire to bring transparency to the market and bring traceability solutions closer to consumers, we always try to improve and update the latest technologies for this purpose!

The above information has clarified a few applications of 4.0 technology in traceability, which proves the importance of technology in not only information transparency but also health, economy, and consumption. ,… With the application of this technology, in the future, it may bring greater practical benefits to both the market and users!

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