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Smart Life Technology and Communication Joint Stock Company has been recognized as a pioneer, successfully developing a technology ecosystem of Supply Chain Management – Traceability (TXNG) and Smart Life Supply and Demand Connection (abbreviated as “Smart Life”). is the Smart Life Ecosystem)

Smart Life ecosystem helps users (parties in the supply chain) have tools to manage “internal” issues such as finance, human resources, customers and support management of special factors. in the process of production, processing, distribution, and transactions on the e-commerce platform, creating a connection and sharing of data and links throughout the chain, thereby helping manufacturers protect and maintain their trade. brand, combating commercial fraud by technology.

Our ultimate motto is:

For a healthy, prosperous and prosperous community



With the orientation to become an enterprise providing solutions to digitize products and services to help businesses effectively digitally transform, towards transparency of product origin, Smart Life constantly invests in research and development, Applying the most advanced technologies to perfect and optimize every detail of the product in the “Smart Life ecosystem”.


Smart Life carries out the mission of digital transformation, transparent production, processing and distribution of products from production to delivery to consumers, meeting product traceability in real time – Here This is the most obvious difference compared to other TXNG software currently on the market.



With a commitment to constantly improve and improve the quality of products and services to serve the community, towards a good life, gradually healthy the market, bringing prosperity and prosperity to the whole society festival

We – Smart Life Technology and Communication Joint Stock Company believe that the sustainable development orientation will create values ​​for people and society in both material and spiritual aspects. Through establishing its own principles and philosophy, Smart Life constantly improves and overcomes the shortcomings of the organization.



RESPECT“: Respect for individuals, respect for colleagues, respect for the company, and respect for customers. At Smart Life, every employee, as well as the leader, becomes a family. All are joining hands for the company’s goals as well as developing in line with the vision that Smart Life is aiming for. Respecting the people in the company first can build mutual respect for customers, this is the basis for Smart Life to cooperate smoothly with hundreds of large and small businesses across the country. 

PROFESSIONAL“: As an important foundation for development, at Smart Life, there is a professional but stress-free environment. On the contrary, we have created a fun and comfortable working space so that everyone can bring out their best. There is no competition between employees and employees, between employees and leaders there is no distinction of status, at Smart Life each person can speak for themselves. 

DYNAMIC“: At Smart Life, everyone cares, helps, and shares with each other, creating a happy and warm atmosphere. Here, leaders are also the ones who take the lead in the research and development of the company’s products and services, helping Smart Life to make consistent and continuous steps. 


Smart Life is committed to complying with the law in Vietnam as well as other countries around the world where products are registered. With the goal of becoming a transparent and sustainable corporate governance, Smart Life constantly trains its staff based on the 4 business philosophies that we pursue:

  • All products and services of Smart Life are always of the best quality, built by advanced technology and highly intellectual human resources.
  • The system of Smart Life products and applications is managed securely and centrally in a real-time “ecosystem”.
  • The beneficiaries of Smart Life’s products and services are the community and customer businesses. All products are aimed at serving society, in order to create a safe and transparent market.
  • Training and developing people become the internal source of Smart Life’s capacity according to the core values ​​that the company pursues. A team of young, highly qualified, creative, and professional intellectuals will be the factors that help Smart Life overcome challenges in the future.


With the determination to become a fast-growing business with a sustainable basis, Smart Life has invested heavily in research and development, perfecting each application, product, and service in its own “ecosystem”. SmartLife. Currently, our business and activities focus on 2 main areas:


  • Supply Chain Management (Manufacturing, Processing, and Consumer Facilities)
  • Enterprise Digitalization Management (Enterprise)
  • Specialized Manager (Manager)
  • E-commerce platform Azuamua


  • Outsourcing
  • Smart name card
  • Printing and printing-related services
  • IT consultant.
lĩnh vực kinh doanh


Smart Life set of 5 business principles towards customers and the community is responsible for helping the company develop in the most sustainable way.

  • Respond effectively and quickly to customer requests.
  • Ensure the maintenance and continuous operation of the products and services Smart Life provides.
  • Ensure to provide services with reasonable and highly competitive prices.
  • Customer service attentive, enthusiastic, fast with a gentle attitude.
  • Always pay attention to staff training to ensure high professionalism.



  • Improving competitiveness, not sharing a market share with fake goods, fake goods, is an information channel to help detect counterfeit products.
  • Brand promotion is a talisman for genuine manufacturers.
  • Tools to take care of customers, control defective products, promptly and thoroughly recall products when necessary.
  • Technical support from experts, scientific, and effective production management.
  • Join e-commerce, online marketing at a low cost.


  • Easy product traceability via smartphone, understanding the manufacturer, processing process, and applicable standards.
  • There are tools to become a wise consumer, looking to buy genuine products quickly, at the right price, with quality assurance, and origin.
  • Protect your family, avoid buying expired products, fake products, imitations, do not meet food hygiene and safety standards