ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

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As Vietnam grows, startups and young companies emerge strongly, the need for business management, human resources and communications is becoming increasingly essential. Not only saving costs, manpower, time, ...managing with IT solutions really leads to high efficiency.


  • Automation helps improve services and products
  • Managing personnel, business, media, services and products through smart applications
  • Protecting and developing brands in the public's eye.
  • Troubleshoot problems in production distribution or communication crisis quickly.
  • Provide more effective marketing and advertising solutions


1. Enterprise Management Solutions

  • Manufacturing / Cultivation: Operations standards from importing material / seed, until the assembly / aquaculture are managed and performed in real time, helping the production facilities to achieve the highest quality, and record information help expand the market as well as export  in the future.
  • Processing / Packing: Post-production stages to prepare well managed distribution system automation, users can fully inspect the defective products or not eligible only through intelligent electronic devices.
  • Transport: The 3rd party shipping and businesses no longer have to perform the procedure, the traditional papers that can immediately deliver the product rapidly through intelligent electronic systems. 
  • Distribution: Distribution according to management systems help manage the quantity and quality of products in each region. 

2. Sales Management Solution

  • Sales Activation: Activate the sales will be made through the application of smart sales management.
  • Against Invasive Areas: Control the number, cost of product in certain geographical areas, avoid invasive harm the economic value of the product and brand.
  • Electronic Warranty: Activate warranty and maintenance products through smart electronic equipment, all procedures and guidelines will be updated online. 
  • Product Recall: Withdrawn products specific to each small batch of products in bulk, easily manipulated based on formatting codes attached to each product before.