[Q&A] Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked questions with SmartLife

From consumers

#1: Do I have to pay to use SmartLife products and services?

Consumers do not have to pay fees or any kind of invoice or payment to use services such as traceability of goods through smartphones, participate in buying and selling on e-commerce platforms. ,... of SmartLife.

#2: Do you have to register as a member or an account to use SmartLife's products and services?

Users do not need to register an account to use SmartLife's product traceability service, just download the SmartLife application to be able to use it. However, when registering for an account, users will be supported more broadly in terms of the utility of applications and services from SmartLife.

#3: What information can I retrieve from the SmartLife electronic access code?

Users can access the following basic information (Depending on the content provided from the manufacturer):

Text data: Product price, expiry date, enterprise, production process.

Image data: Logos, product photos, facility standards, certificates and certifications.

Audio data: Notifications about genuine products, expired, recalled, possibly counterfeit,...

Video data: Promotional video, user manual, business introduction, production process.

In addition, it may contain information: Shipping, processing, distribution units, other useful information, ...

#4: Besides retrieving information, what can I do on SmartLife app?

SmartLife application is in the ecosystem of SmartLife company, in which, in addition to the electronic traceability function, the SmartLife application also allows users to join the e-commerce platform, connect and share information Essential news with friends. Some other features such as: Electronic production log, Electronic warranty, Market news,...

#5: What are SmartLife traceability stamped items?

Mainly the goods in demand and stamped with SmartLife traceability stamps at the present time belong to agricultural products such as: "clean" food, livestock food, cattle, poultry,... Besides, , and some electronic and household items are also being applied with SmartLife's traceability stamp