Job Fields

SmartLife has a professional, dynamic and friendly working environment where everyone can bring out their full potential. The combination of employees in the company, the connection that helps to blur the gap between superiors and subordinates, from joint lessons to normal meals, ... all contribute to SmartLife like a "second home"!

Professional working environment

SmartLife always tries to create the most professional working environment as possible. Here at SmartLife, you can maximize your ability and improve professional skills to develop yourself. Not only self-studying and trained, the former employees of SmartLife are always ready to help you complete the job in the most effective way.

Healthy working environment

Human resource is the decisive factor to gain success and  development for the company. SmartLife always aims to create a health-friendly working environment for its employees. 

Happy working environment

To have a spirit of comfort to help achieve the highest productivity, SmartLife has created a happy working environment between employees and employees, employees and leaders. Here, there is no hierarchy that makes you have to hide your own thoughts, SmartLife appreciates each individual and their opinions. Outside of work, SmartLife always creates exchange sessions, parties with fun atmosphere every week, every month to create cohesion and mental relaxation after many days focusing on work.