Method of cooperation

5 SmartLife collaboration options

Option 1: SmartLife releases unlimited number of QR-Code

  • Method: SmartLife will releases QR-Code without any limitations. Customers produce their own stamps and labels with QR codes to attach to their goods. Customers are provided and supported in software technology to be able to activate and monitor.
  • Target: Suitable for businesses who can produce, print, take initiative in designing stamp and label designs for their goods.

Option 2: SmartLife publishes stamp codes and pre-printed templates

  • Method: SmartLife releases the stamp code according to the required number and pre-prints it according to an existing general template. Customers actively paste their access codes into their own existing stamps, labels and product packages.
  • Target: Suitable for new businesses, can not be active in printing and stamp access design, but there are enough personnel to paste and make stamp activation.

Option 3: SmartLife releases stamp codes, pre-printed codes and stamp support

  • Method: SmartLife releases stamp codes according to the required quantity, pre-printed according to the existing general form and supports the code affixing to the available packaging and label types provided by the business.
  • Target: Suitable for new businesses operating and starting at a stable stage of volume consumption, not active in design and printing activities and cannot arrange personnel to stamp on current product labels .

Option 4: Smart Life publishes stamps and designs according to customer's demand

  • Target: This is the optimal plan, suitable for all businesses when it is possible to ensure aesthetic quality as required, while ensuring the service schedule in the most complete way.

Option 5: SmartLife and other support services

  • Designing logos, labels for products and brands of customers.
  • Register for trademark protection
  • Brand communication on SmartLife communication channels
  • Participate in e-commerce products của SmartLife
  • Management solutions for businesses.