Organizational Culture


  • "RESPECT": Respect individuals, respect colleagues, respect companies, and respect customers. In SmartLife, every leader and employee becomes a family. All of them join hands for the company's goals as well as develop the vision that the SmartLife aims for. Respect for people in the company before can build mutual respect for customers, this is the basis for SmartLife to cooperate smoothly with hundreds of large and small enterprises nationwide.

  • "PROFESSIONAL": SmartLife has a professional environment but is not stressful. On the contrary, we have created a happy and comfortable work space so that everyone can promote their abilities in the best way.

  • "DYNAMIC": In SmartLife, everyone cares, helps and shares with each other, creating an atmosphere when happy and warm. Leaders are also leading in research and development of products and services of the company, helping SmartLife to take equal and continuous steps.

Culture is considered a factor in SmartLife's corporate genome, helping promote SmartLife's development and sustainability, helping SmartLife brand to assert itself in the market and in the public communication