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Goods traceability stamp is a type of electronic stamp being commonly used by businesses today to provide the most detailed information about products to customers. Used in many different fields.

Traceability stamp

A traceability stamp is a type of label containing information about food and goods from production, processing to distribution, and consumption. Such information is encoded in the form of a barcode or a QR code on the access stamp. When shoppers scan the code with specialized devices (maybe smartphones), it will display all the most detailed information about the product, including product name, product origin, place of manufacture, place of processing, expiry…

Traceability stamp registration process

Talking about the product traceability registration process, usually, each supplier will have different processes and methods in accordance with the general regulations of the state. However, a standard traceability stamp application process will likely typically require the following steps:

The traceability solution provider sends a registration declaration to the business owner or manufacturer who wants to trace the product’s origin, and at the same time sends a sample form of suggested fields related to products and services. service that the enterprise is implementing and wants to perform access to.
The business owner fills in the information in the registration form, and the contents about the products and services, based on the relevant sample form and based on the information registered on the previous declaration.
The traceability solution provider collects, checks, controls, and updates information about products and services: product content, production date, expiry date, quality certificates quality, .. on the system to retrieve and synchronize data.
The unit provides traceability solutions, issues traceability stamps to business owners.
Business owners receive a traceability stamp and stick it on their products.

Print stamps to trace the origin

    in tem truy xuất nguồn gốc

Types of stamps with traceability QR code

Regular decals:

Rectangular decals are usually 1 color

Regular decals in 4 colors

Round decals are usually 4 colors

Regular elliptical decals in 4 colors

Rectangular scratch-off stamps with decals in 4 colors

Broken decal stamp:

Rectangular decal broke 4 colors

Round decal broke 4 colors

4 colors broken elliptical decal

Rectangular scratch sticker decal broke 4 colors

Water-resistant paper stamps:

Rectangular stamp of water-resistant paper 1 color

Rectangular stamps of water-resistant paper with color printing

Retrieval bracelet, plastic drawstring

Print stamps to trace the origin

To make such product traceability stamps, the technology to perform this printing is also very special. Currently, the most applied technology is the digital method with offset printing technology. And to be able to successfully print traceability stamps, it is necessary to cooperate with business units in the profession.

What kind of traceability stamp should be printed?

Currently, on the market, there are many types of stamps used to trace goods such as: QR Code technology, thermal technology, water technology, light technology, Hologram indicator…

Smart Life provides QR code stamps and designs according to customer requirements. Depending on the product of each manufacturing enterprise, different stamp templates will be used.

The benefits that Traceability Stamps bring to companies, businesses, and manufacturers

  • Consumers clearly understand the product they want to buy.
  • Enterprises can understand the advantages and disadvantages in the production process, manage the production process.
  • It is possible to trace and quickly handle products when food unsafety is detected.
  • Support the state, management agencies.
  • Real-time data sharing for importers, purchasing partners



Đâu là nơi uy tín để in tem truy xuất nguồn gốc

Before the stamps can be printed, businesses need to complete a number of registration procedures as well as documents to commit to the products of the business.

After businesses have completed the procedures, Smart Life will receive information and verify whether this information is correct or not. Next, this unit will upload all product information and content to the server system. Then is the coding step to give QR codes or other types of codes that businesses require. So complete the traceability stamp printing.

Product traceability stamp

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With its best efforts over the years, Smart Life Technology & Communication Joint Stock Company has become a familiar name, being cooperated by many manufacturing enterprises today. We are a supplier of all kinds of traceability stamps and modern traceability software, supporting businesses and authorities in today’s traceability and transparency of product information.

For free advice on solutions and order printing of Traceability Stamps, please contact Smart Life immediately or Hotline: 024 6295 5858 Smart Life’s sales department will respond and answer questions. , your request as soon as possible.

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