E-commerce platform Azuamua


Smart Life e-commerce platform – A place to connect information, online transactions and promote brands in SmartLife ecosystem



Azuamua is an e-commerce platform founded by Smart Life Technology & Communication company in 2018

Azuamua provides online services to serve organizations and individuals wishing to introduce products and buy and sell online in order to connect supply and demand from manufacturers to consumers, bringing to the consumer community. have more choices in choosing to buy safe food at reasonable prices, and at the same time help manufacturers have conditions to expand their business markets.

Working principle

  • Smart Life Company is the unit in charge, managing the operation and operating according to the principles of publicity, transparency and compliance with the law.
  • Members participating in the Floor are organizations and individuals that have legal commercial activities in accordance with current Vietnamese laws, officially recognized and allowed by Smart Life to use the service.
  • Organizations and individuals participating in transactions at the Exchange must be transparent and open to information on the basis of respecting the legitimate rights and interests of the parties involved, not contrary to the provisions of current Vietnamese law. onion.
  • Products and goods traded on the Exchange must be of the correct type and quality as registered with the floor management board.
  • Members participating in the Exchange mean that they have agreed to the provisions of the Operational Regulations and related terms and regulations posted publicly on the system, and committed to comply with those contents.

Objects of Smart Life Floor

Seller: An individual or organization that has a seller account (Seller), has a booth (Shop) and has business activities of legal goods and products on the market.

Buyer: As an individual or organization with a member account, can participate in the floor’s activities such as ordering products, commenting, product reviews, favorite products…

Customers: Are individuals and organizations wishing to learn on the Floor, the stalls, and the products sold on the Floor. The guests (Guide) can view information about the stalls, products for sale on the Floor, comments and reviews about products.

Some pictures of Azuamua.com e-commerce floor