Production manager – Produce

Processing and traceability management application – Produce


Production Manager – Produce

As an application developed on the Web platform for use on computers and decentralized functions for use on smartphones, the application is developed exclusively for production and processing facilities (very suitable for Ocop product manufacturing facility), the application helps to digitize the management of legal, resource and internal information of each field of preliminary processing and processing, in addition, the application also helps to update and track all information. information of the entire processing process of each processing batch from the time the input materials are imported, the processing batch begins, the steps taken in the processing process of each batch to completion, packaging the finished product, importing warehouse of finished products, storage and sale of products out of the processing facility in real time, ensuring the transparency and seamlessness of information through all stages of the pre-established processing process.

Salient features

It is the first application in Vietnam to serve the digitization of processing management and development of agricultural and food products.

Building and controlling production norms and processes

Integrate data of raw materials input, warehouse release, electronic processing log connected to the TXNG system at the processing stage.

Inheriting TXNG data of input materials from the farm if the input materials apply Smart Life’s TXNG system or apply other TXNG systems but connect to the Supply chain system

  • Digitizing business management for processing facilities:

– Digitizing the management of legal information of processing manufacturers

– Digitizing personnel information management of manufacturers and processors

– Digitizing information management of manufacturers’ production materials (factories, machinery lines, etc.)

– Digitizing information management of production and processing objects (product information)

– Digitizing the management of importing and using input materials for production

– Digitizing, managing and monitoring production norms and processes, production accounting for each product batch.

– Digitize management of product sales information, transfer product owners

– The function of creating processing batches, assigning production orders and managing processing batches according to the process.

  • Standard data serving TXNG:

– Function to update electronic processing log for each processing batch step by step.

– Function of management, use and retrieval of input materials for each processing batch.

– Warehouse management function, finished products, preservation for each batch of finished products.

– The function of creating electronic warehouse receipts, transferring the owner for each product batch when selling.

– Update information serving TXNG is compliant with GS1 regulations with two main criteria:

– 5W mechanism: Do what? – Who did it? – Where do you work? – Do when? – How?

– Procedure:  “Previous step – Next step”.


– The application is developed with very user-friendly features, when updating information on Smart Phone mobile phones.

– Manage electronic records, statistics, reports on production and processing

– Integrating data of warehousing, ex-warehousing, electronic diaries connected with the TXNG system

– Improve competitiveness, do not share market share with counterfeit goods

– Promote and communicate products for free via electronic channels and social networks

– Join the free e-commerce market connecting supply and demand.

– Standardize the quality management process to meet TXNG standards for export to foreign countries (5 different languages)

– Suitable for most enterprises processing agricultural and food products, especially Ocop product production facilities.

– As a digital transformation tool towards comprehensive and professional management to improve productivity and quality.

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