SmartNote electronic diary




Is an application developed for use on smartphones for on-farm production facilities, helping to digitize the management of livestock production or cultivation activities at their premises, in addition to supporting functions. Digitization for production management application also helps to record all their production process in real time from production preparation, land preparation, barn preparation, selection and seed production, cultivation. Using materials, fertilizers, pesticides, feeds, veterinary drugs, harvesting, preliminarily processing, preserving and selling products…

The daily update of the electronic production log helps the production facility to update the traceability information (TXNG) for the product in a scientific and correct manner in real time, so the application is evaluated. is the smartest and most transparent TXNG and production management solution on the market today (TXNG information is updated, stored in the cloud during the entire production process) completely different from current TXNG applications. available on the market (TXNG in memoir form)

Salient features:

Digitizing professional management for livestock and crop production establishments:

– Digitizing the management of legal information of the manufacturer

– Digitizing the manufacturer’s personnel information management

– Digitizing information management of producer’s production materials (fields, gardens, ponds, barns…)

– Digitizing information management of production objects and post-harvest products

– Digitizing the management of importing and using the manufacturer’s materials.

– Digitize management of product sales information, transfer product owners

– The function of building norms and accounting for production according to each season

– New crop creation function and crop list management

  • Data standard serving TXNG

– Function to update electronic production log for each season according to each event

– Function of management, use and retrieval of input materials and varieties for production for each season.

– Harvest log update function for each product batch

– Warehouse management function, preliminary processing and preservation for each batch of products after harvest.

– The function of creating electronic warehouse receipts, transferring the owner for each product batch.

– Update information serving TXNG is compliant with GS1 regulations with two main criteria:

– 5W mechanism: Do what? – Who did it? – Where do you work? – Do when? – How?

– Procedure:  “Previous step – Next step”.

  • Applications:

– Expert question and answer function (call the hotline to chat with agricultural consultants of VTC16 channel)

– Trading function (Promoting and selling products through e-commerce channels since they are still in production)

– Manage import and export of raw materials

– Function to promote communication for products when using TXNG stamps

– Anti-counterfeiting function and commercial fraud through the use of TXNG stamps.


Convenient and friendly when updating information on smart phones.
Comprehensive production management with regulatory standards, complete with all information
Integrating data of warehousing, ex-warehousing, electronic diaries connected with the TXNG system
Improve competitiveness, do not share market share with counterfeit goods
Promote and communicate products for free via electronic channels and social networks
Join the e-commerce market to connect supply and demand for free.
Standardize the quality management process to meet TXNG standards for export to foreign countries (5 different languages)
Is a digital transformation tool towards comprehensive and professional management to help improve productivity and quality.

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