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Currently, there are many products on the market that have been applied with traceability solutions so that consumers have more information and confidence when purchasing. However, there are many people who think that sticking with the traceability stamp is to ensure that the product is genuine, is this true? Understand the traceability stamp and how to combat counterfeiting.

What is the traceability solution?

Before learning how to combat counterfeiting of traceability stamps, we need to clearly understand what a traceability solution is. This is a solution applied to products on the market, helping consumers scan product information in the most detailed way through QR-Code scanning applications on mobile phones.

Not only does it provide product origin and deepest information, but the traceability solution also helps distributors and businesses manage each product, from which they can deploy activities such as system list, warranty, recall if faulty, etc…


Traceability is one of the trends to help transparency in the market, limit fake goods and counterfeit goods, and serve as an indirect advertising channel for businesses to reach consumers.

What is a traceability stamp?

A traceability stamp is an electronic stamp that contains an authentication code in the form of a QR Code and is pasted by an enterprise on the products manufactured and provided by the enterprise.

On the surface of the stamp will contain encrypted information, when using software or an application to check and scan the QR code, all information about the product such as origin, production date, expiry date as well as notes when using product usage or product-related information will appear.

Each traceability stamp has a unique authentication code. Thanks to the product traceability stamp, consumers can clearly understand the necessary information about the product before choosing to buy.


Benefits of a traceability solution

With a traceability solution, the benefits are not only for consumers or businesses but also for the whole market:

Contributing to the transparency of product information on the market, minimizing the risk of buying counterfeit goods.
Manage product information thoroughly, helping businesses save time, costs, and human resources.
Promote the brand image and advertise other products in the retrieval stamp code.
Provide full details and relevant information to consumers.

It can be said that traceability solutions are becoming an indispensable trend in protecting brand images and enhancing product reputation in the eyes of consumers.

How to fight to counterfeit of traceability stamps

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There are many consumers who think that any product with a traceability stamp is a genuine product, but that is a misconception. Products with the traceability stamp can still be counterfeited, but the risk for consumers will be reduced because the traceability stamp has the following mechanism of action:

Each traceability stamp is a globally unique identifier, so if a product is counterfeit, and prints a series of traceability stamp codes, when a consumer scans the code, there will be a product warning. may have been counterfeited, or purchased elsewhere.
The traceability stamp can determine the location and time someone scanned the stamp code, so if it is faked, the user can easily see the history of scanning the code (It would be illogical if the time location is too far or not the right place for the current purchase)
For some specific products, the traceability stamp also has an external security scratch layer so that consumers who scan the code can immediately detect whether this is a fake traceability stamp and a fake product.

Traceability stamps do not guarantee that the product is completely genuine, but they are an advanced solution that makes it easier for consumers to choose “real” products rather than fake products.

With the above information, Smart Life hopes that you will have a better understanding of the traceability stamps as well as their anti-counterfeiting methods in the most specific way.

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