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The traceability stamp is an effective solution against counterfeiting with reasonable cost but effective, suitable for many types of goods. So what is the traceability stamp? Why traceability? Let’s find out with Smartlife in the article below!

What is traceability?

Product traceability is a solution for users to retrieve and learn about the origin information of the product they have purchased and trace back from the product being sold on the store shelf to the original place of manufacture. First, review each stage in processing and distribution.

Why traceability?

Derived from the actual needs of the market: Consumers are increasingly demanding on product quality; The problem of counterfeit goods is increasingly rampant in the market; Help state agencies easily control product quality, recall and handle in time when detecting a shipment of poor quality….

As the requirements of consumers and regulatory agencies are increasingly demanding on the quality, safety, and transparency of products and goods, the application of advanced solutions and technologies in products has become increasingly difficult. production and the entire supply chain are considered the key to improving competitiveness, helping businesses breakthrough in the current volatile market context.

Why traceability?
Why traceability?

The need to protect the legitimate interests of consumers: product traceability helps consumers get accurate information about products, provided by businesses.

Anti-counterfeiting, counterfeit goods, commercial fraud.

Support for product promotion and communication, brand enhancement: traceability helps control risks arising when tracking and verifying the entire path of goods. This is not only a step for businesses to create trust in customers, but also a “fence” to protect the reputation of products and businesses, thereby helping businesses aim to conquer international markets that require very strict traceability of goods in both production and trade.

What does a standard traceability system need?

Not all products with QR code stamps on the market are products with product traceability. A traceability system needs to have a link between the links, the units in the chain to bring benefits to the parties involved.

– A community must be established, there must be links between the links in the supply chain.

– There must be control. First of all, it is necessary to have internal regulations and standards such as applying traceability, what information is required, how to record… Next is the establishment of a control board, possibly a cross-control board between the parties. or is controlled by a third party. This step is difficult to perform, but if done well, the traceability information will be much more accurate and reliable.

– The system must help businesses to record all movements of a product unit according to the principle of one step ahead – one step later from farm to table. Helps track the product’s path through the supply chain. Sticking QR code stamps on products helps to quickly view product origin information by scanning on smartphones.

Giải pháp truy xuất nguồn gốc

What is a traceability stamp?

The increasing awareness of consumers about product traceability requires businesses and production facilities to be transparent about information about the production process and supply chain. The use of traceability stamps is the solution to affirm our reputation and brand.

The concept of Traceability Stamp

A traceability stamp is an electronic stamp that contains an authentication code in the form of a QR Code and is affixed to the products produced and provided by the enterprise.

On the surface of the stamp will contain encrypted information, when using software or an application to check and scan the QR code, all information about the product such as: origin, production date, expiry date as well as notes when using product usage or product-related information will appear.

Each traceability stamp has a unique authentication code. Thanks to the product traceability stamp, consumers can clearly understand the necessary information about the product before choosing to buy.



Correct understanding of traceability stamps

Currently, many people do not know what traceability is and how to do it right or are misunderstanding traceability. People think that creating a QR Code and then pasting it on the product with some basic information is traceability but it is not.

Currently, up to 95% of Qr Codes pasted on products in supermarkets are not traceability codes, but only information retrieval.

The correct traceability code needs to ensure the traceability of the entire production – processing – distribution of products and must ensure the following 5 conditions:

1. View full product information according to regulations on circulation and product announcement.

2. Retrieve the chain that creates product value (Individuals and organizations involved in or related to the process of production – processing – distribution of products).

3. The geographical indication of the production area can be viewed.

4. View documents and certifications for ingredients, quality, and product certifications.

5. Proving the history of production – processing – distribution of products through electronic activity logs contributed by all members of the product value chain.

If these requirements are not met, they are just information viewing codes.

Why traceability?

In fact, it can be seen that product traceability has brought high efficiency in information transparency and brand protection. To understand why traceability, it is necessary to know the functions that the traceability stamp provides.

The functions that the access stamp
The functions that the access stamp

+ Trace the origin and origin of products accurately, conveniently, and quickly.

+ Help activate and lookup warranty history information.

+ Get information about promotions easily.

+ More peace of mind about products thanks to high-tech applications to verify real goods, fake goods with the naked eye or simple supporting tools.

For Businesses

+ Support to prevent fake goods, counterfeit goods in time.

+ Help promote, build the image and reputation of the brand.

+ Management of goods and agents, distribution system, against selling encroachment, encroachment.

+ Much support in taking care and guiding customers to use the product effectively.

+ Support information promotions to consumers

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